Travel to India

India, you love it or you hate it! We love it! When you travel to India, your trip will be special for sure. You will be amazed by the traffic, the chaos, food and the culture. The people are very curious and friendly. The food is delicious (but don’t eat street food). Seeing the Taj Mahal will give you goosebumps, but in addition to the Taj Mahal, India has many more impressive sights. You will find forts, palaces, temples and more.

Below you will find our itineraries through India. Have fun!

3 week India Backpacking route

India itinerary 3 weeks – The ultimate Backpacking Route

3 - 4 weeks
Availability : November to March
Within 3 weeks, you will explore the best of India: with the Taj Mahal, […]